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German Development Cooperation

Bilateral development cooperation between Sri Lanka and Germany has existed for over forty years. The German International Cooperation (GIZ), a German government-owned corporation coming under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, has been a key conduit in this cooperation.

GIZ's goal is to support the Government of Sri Lanka in its overarching ambition of poverty reduction. It aims at achieving this, based on support provided towards economic reforms and the conflict transformation efforts of the Sri Lankan government.

In the aftermath of the Tsunami on 26. December 2004 and under the commission of the BMZ and the Foreign Office (AA), GIZ implemented immediately emergency aid projects to secure the basic needs of the affected population. In addition GIZ provided emergency shelter as well as psychosocial counseling. The long standing presence on site and the experiences of GIZ in Sri Lanka have made it possible to provide fast response to the needs of the affected people in the five districts worst affected by the tsunami. The German Development Cooperation with strives towards achieving the goal of future oriented sustainable development of the country. Bearing this in mind the additional comprehensive tsunami related commissions are integrated in the ongoing long term programmes and projects in the affected regions. These additional intervention measures include the Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Modernization of Technical Education and Vocational Training Institutions, Housing, the Rehabilitation of Economic, Physical and Social Infrastructure, the Qualification of Executing Structures as well as the Implementation of Emergency Preparedness and Psychosocial Counseling in Schools.

GIZ works in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka, its line-agencies, NGOs and the private sector, providing technical assistance to projects and initiatives based on local requirements. GIZ provides innovative, humanitarian and economically viable solutions that are complimentary to 's developmental ideals.


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